Who Needs Answers When You Have Cookies?

“The Modern, Secular, Hardly Divine Comedy”: A Play in One Act

Inspired by comments by Rocky. Read her at rockylewis.com

Act 1, Scene 1

(cell phone rings)

Answerer: Hello?

Questioner:   Where do the questions come from?

A:   God, 42, You.

Q:   Where do the answers come from?

A:   ….

Q:   How can we get comfortable with all this lack of resolution in our lives?

A:   More tea, more phone calls, more meditation, more online writing into the blogosphere.

Q:   But what does that do?

A:   Heh, look, I don’t have all your answers, but I like your questions, and I appreciate that you ask them. And heh, I’m going to go so far as to say that having such an abundance of questions is a pretty awesome gift. Seriously. I know, your teachers got tired of it, your parents learned to ignore it. But God/42/You is here to say that the questions are welcome. Leave the door open. Trust me, there is space for them all.

Q:   So when you say that more “tea” and “phone calls” and “meditation” and “online writing” is our best solution for the lack of resolution, what you are really saying is that we have been conditioned to react negatively to the questions. These activities (listed as nouns) are actually spaces that welcome our overflowing heads, our anxious selves, our fears of inadequacy and simply let us be in a different relationship to what we want to reject. We don’t need answers; we need less judgment about what our minds produce.


Q:   It’s like what is written in all those writing books about silencing the Inner Critic. Giving the Inner Critic a cookie so she can sit in a corner quietly while the other part of ourselves can relax and let ideas come and go without all that shouting and scolding. So that we can let all those questions hang out, cause a ruckus.

A:  You sound like you are on to something there.

Q:  Yay!

A: …

Q: Are you still there?

A: Um, did you say you have cookies?

The End

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One Response to Who Needs Answers When You Have Cookies?

  1. Rocky Lewis says:

    Like! Way better than Waiting for Godot.

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